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The KéKAY Method
Connection and Co-Regulation

Holistic Education 

Our mission is clear: teach children the skills they need to understand and regulate their emotions. Connection, communication, and regulation first, then we focus on academic success.

Alétia Ferreira


Our philosophy and mission 

Our holistic approach is an ideal choice for speech and behavioral specialists to consider when referring their clients. The specialized training our staff undergoes, combined with our holistic curriculum, establishes a synergistic environment. This synergy, complementing the therapy students already receive, effectively contributes to their overall progress. We believe our approach not only supports but also supplements the learning experience these children gain from their therapy sessions.

At the KéKAY Method, we educate parents about connection, self-regulation, and co-regulation. We believe that raising children is a collective work in progress and we encourage parents to take the long view in raising their children.  Our success is evident in the results and can be seen in the smiling faces of our students. 

What we do

Fostering connection

Co-regulation to self-regulation

Communication - small class size

Educational goals - Kindergarten ready

We work on connecting with our students where they are in their development. Students with speech delays, behavioral challenges, and dysregulation receive the attention they desperately need in order to find a calm space to practice social skills that are appropriate for their age.

Our staff receives extensive training on how to become co-regulators for our students. Understanding the emotional needs of our students helps the teachers to connect with each student in order to bring a calming atmosphere to the learning environment.

We believe that the smaller class size is valuable in taking the time to connect with each student. Depending on the group of students our maximum allowance for teacher/student ratio in our preschool classes is 1 teacher to 7 students.

The ultimate goal of the Kékay Method is to prepare our preschoolers for Kindergarten and teach our elementary-aged students the value of communication and connection. Self-regulation, communication and connection is how we ensure the most positive learning environment for our students.


All referred students will receive a 10% discount off their tuition

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