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Our preschool alternative is a program developed for 2yr to 5yr olds. We focus on inclusion, conflict resolution, mindful learning, and movement.

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We currently offer 5 different half-day Summer camp programs that span 9 weeks. The same concept that runs true to the KéKAY Method will be our main focus as we explore the worlds of our Summer camp themes.

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Our unique after-school care program is launching in 2024! We will be offering movement-based care that includes global awareness, communication and regulation practices for elementary-age students at their elementary school.

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If you have a dance studio and would like to learn more about our preschool program or elementary school after care program, please click the link below.

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We help guide parents in learning the importance of connection and co-regulation in order to give our children the best chance of success in meeting their social and education goals.

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We actively partner with behavioral and speech therapists to integrate their practices into our classrooms. Our distinctive holistic teaching approach serves as an ideal complement, facilitating a connection with students. This approach ensures the ongoing enhancement of the skills that therapists are diligently working to improve, creating a an effective continuum in the educational journey of our students.

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