45-minute program KéKAY Basics 49-week program :                   Offered for 2-3.5yrs and 3.5-5yrs

This is a 45-minute class in which pre-school aged children will be introduced to multiple disciplines to nurture the whole child. Our experts designed a class structure in which movement and music are the basis for brain development as well as fostering peer engagement and early pre-school skills. In our classes the children will learn about:

  • The world around us
  • Numbers, shapes, and colors
  • Physical activity that includes dance and sports movement
  • Composers and languages

Come join us for a fun-filled class of learning and movement!

2.5hr Drop-off KéKAY Workshop : Offered for 3-5yrs

In this 2.5hr workshop, parents will drop off their child at our facility so they can go run some errands or go sit quietly alone and breathe deeply. All of the elements that are taught in the 45-minute class, will be taught in this longer block session. Each element will be explored more in-depth and more discussion and jokes with Jabulani will be encouraged. Story time and art will also be introduced and will relate to the theme of the day.

OFFER the KéKAY Method at your facility... please see below

Class Information and Fees:

45-minute - KéKAY Basics - 49 week program

• Same elements offered all week on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri (each of the 49 weeks will have a different theme)

• Customers can sign up for 1 class a week for $95/month on any of those days or

• Two classes on any of those days of the week for $149/month

2.5 hour - KéKAY Workshop Drop-off program

Each of these drop-off sessions is an extension of the theme of the day in the 45-minute class

EACH WEEK, we will take a more intensive look at each of the elements

Offered on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs

• Customers sign up for any of the days listed below and pay monthly

- 1 day a week $175/month

- 2 days a week $320/month

- 3 days a week $420/month

- 4 days a week $480/month

- Hourly drop off price is $20/hour or $50 for the 2.5hour block (only offered in the KéKAY WORKSHOP program)

We offer a FREE 45-minute class to all who want to come and try us out


Coming Soon! Information on how you can offer the KéKAY Method of classes at your facility.

A 49-week program complete with all lesson plans and materials. Please email us with questions.