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Committed to holistic education for body and brain

A team of experts from five countries created this pre-school alternative program as the launchpad for teaching basic skills on a multi-level platform. Our mission is to help kids learn and grow with an interdisciplinary approach to foundational skills: early brain development for school readiness, the building blocks of movement for sports activities as well as the beginner basics of dance and mindfulness exercises. Woven throughout this program, is the appreciation of music and an introduction to languages, cultures, mindfulness, storytelling, yoga, and art.

The KéKAY Method is an international move and learn pre-school alternative program designed by an international team of experts for 2yr-5yr old children.  We focus on a holistic approach when it comes to learning not only school readiness skills but also skills about the world around them, mindfulness, languages, and movement. We teach about yoga, dance, sports movement, mindfulness, composers, pre-school skills, and languages with the help of our puppet. Communication, conflict resolution, and understanding emotions are all a part of the program.

At the beginning of each class, we greet the children with our welcome board. They find their name tag and assign an emoji feeling card to their name. This tells us how they are feeling before class.  With the help of our puppet, we globe-trot to a different country each week and learn how to greet our friends in the language of the new country. The students learn about mindfulness and yoga, about a new composer each week, and listen to his music.  The students learn pre-school basics like numbers, letters, shapes, colors, and counting. We animate while we dance and do sports movements and they learn about a new animal each week. As the students take a break and listen to the composer of the week they create art and have a snack.  At the end of it all, we switch off the lights and read a story by flashlight before the students clean up and say goodbye. They fill out their welcome board and choose another emoji to let us know how they are feeling before they go home for the day.

You can learn about each of our experts that contributed to creating this engaging move and learn program by clicking below. 

We hope you find a studio near you that offers this holistic program. If you are a studio interested in teaching the KéKAY Method at your school, please click the STUDIO button to learn more.

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