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Summer Camp: Welcome
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If feline friends make your heart purr,

And hula hoops give you a whirl to occur,

This camp's the place you simply must be,

A world of kitty fun, just wait and see!

Bring your stuffed cats, your whiskers so fine,

Dress up like a feline, you'll look divine!

We'll crawl and we'll sneak, with tails held high,

Meowing and growling as kitties go by.

Through art and hula, our morning will spin,

Purrfecting our moves, the fun will begin!

With whiskers painted upon your sweet face,

You'll be the star of this kitty cat place!

So practice your best meee-ow, loud and clear,

This camp's calling all kitties to draw near!

With your best prowl, let your inner cat out,

A week of pure joy, there's no room for doubt!

Summer Camp: Text


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Close your eyes, let your mind take flight,

To a world beyond, where stars shine bright.

Far, far away, past the moon's gentle glow,

That's where our adventure will go!


Join this camp that's out of this world,

Where cosmic wonders will unfurl.

Spaceships at superspeed, planets galore,

Explorations await like never before!


From glitter moondust that shimmers and shines,

To start sparkles that twinkle like diamonds so fine.

Space suits to wear as we float through the air,

And stories of galaxies, wondrous and rare.


Each day and night, you'll dream to take flight,

Soaring through cosmos, a dazzling sight.

This camp will ignite your imagination,

A stellar experience beyond constellation!


So come along, let your spirit roam free,

In a universe filled with cosmic glee.

Where preschoolers become space explorers so bold,

Adventures await, more than can be told!


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Let out your biggest roar, we'll explore,

The world of dinosaurs, like never before!

At this dino camp, we'll stomp and roam,

Through ancient lands

these giants once called home.

With big teeth gnashing and scaly backs,

Green eyes watching our every track.

Huge stompy feet will leave prints galore,

As we crawl ancient mountains

and dusty plains of yore.


If a dino grumbles with a mighty rumble,

Have no fear, just let out a humble,

Roar of your own, they'll know you belong,

In this prehistoric world, so big and strong.


Bring your dino toys, to share and play,

But only if you dare, on this adventure-filled day!

We'll roam and explore, like the mighty of old,

Dino tales and adventures, waiting to unfold!

Summer Camp: Text
Summer Camp: Welcome


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Do you dream of a crown upon your head?

Of battling dragons, green or brown instead?

Then this camp is where you want to be,

A realm of castles and fantasy!


The dragons here, though fierce at first glance,

Will lay at your feet in a sweet, singing trance.

We'll make swords and crowns, the royal attire,

But our adventures will never tire!


With golden sparkles and jewels so bright,

We'll craft precious gems that dazzle the sight.

And special glue to make them stick,

These treasures will dazzle with every trick!


Stories we'll weave of magic and might,

Perhaps craft a spell that glows in the night.

But beware the dragons with fiery breath,

As we raise golden flagons to adventures till death!


In this camp where imagination is king,

Castles and dragons, their praises we'll sing.

So dream of crowns high upon your fair head,

And join us for adventures - no dragon to dread!


Screen Shot 2022-07-14 at 3.33.50 PM.png

Do you have what it takes to be a hero so brave?

To save the day and innocent people to save?

Then join our superhero camp, where adventures await,

A world of excitement, where courage meets fate!


We'll craft our own capes and masks so bold,

Designing our hero personas to uphold.

With super strength and powers galore,

We'll learn to soar like never before!


From stopping villains in their dastardly tracks,

To rescuing citizens from evil attacks.

We'll leap tall buildings in a single bound,

Keeping peace and justice all around!


So come one, come all, you heroes-to-be,

Let your super skills shine for all to see.

With courage and might, we'll save the day,

In this superhero camp, hip hip hooray!


When trouble arises, have no fear,

Our superhero team will always be near.

With a rhyme and a reason, we'll fight for what's right,

Spreading hope and heroism with all of our might!

Summer Camp: Welcome
Summer Camp: Text


Screen Shot 2023-02-12 at 10.38.24 AM.png

Trains and planes, trucks galore,

If wheels get you excited,

we've much more in store!

We'll build a bustling city, a place to explore,

With moving, lifting vehicles you'll adore.

Constructing all day with might and main,

Strength and muscle, we'll certainly gain.

Shops and buildings will line our streets,

An airport for travel, where adventure meets!

And what's a town without a zoo?

Animals galore for our city anew!


From scratch we'll create this urban scene,

Piecing together, our vision to glean.

This camp will have you zooming and vroom-ing,

Mornings to noons, excitement is blooming!


Wheels in motion, cities to make,

A world of fun that we'll gladly take!

So come join us for a metropolis grand,

Crafted by tiny, industrious hands.

With rhymes and riddles,

we'll play and build,

A preschool experience, with joy to be filled!

Summer Camp: Welcome
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