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BE the change by working with us!

Become a KéKAY Teacher

People thrive when they find connection.

Kids feel safe and calm when the grown-ups in their life can be a regulating influence. 

At the KéKAY Method, we love working with people who love kids! 

Contact us to learn more about our hiring process

Our Vision

We want to teach children how to communicate and understand their own behavior within the context of societal and educational rules. 

We believe that teaching self-regulating skills at a young age can change the trajectory of a child's ultimate path and ensure positive interactions throughout their lifetime.

The Mission

Teaching kids at a young age to self-regulate.  In order to do that, we have to understand how to regulate ourselves as adults and teachers


Teach with us

If you would like to learn more about how to become a KéKAY Teacher or own your business by teaching our program, please reach out to us for a zoom meeting below. You can also submit your resumé here.

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Purchase licensing to start your own business

The KéKAY Method teaches you how to engage young students on a holistic level so they can stay engaged throughout the day.  If you have excellent skills that include understanding young children and have a lot of energy, this program is for you!

Whether you want to teach for the KéKAY Method or run the KéKAY Method program at your own facility, please contact us for more information. Our program can be run as a preschool alternative or after-care program.

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