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A team of experts from all over the world created this pilot program for pre-school aged children as the launchpad for teaching basic skills on a multi-level platform. Our mission is to help youngsters learn and grow with an interdisciplinary approach to foundational skills: early brain development for school readiness, the building blocks of movement for sports activities as well as the beginner basics of dance and mindfulness exercises. Woven throughout this 45-minute program, is the appreciation of music and an introduction to languages and cultures.


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The KéKAY Method was the brainchild of two friends, Gary Kikaya (a two time Olympic....


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Children will learn about mindfulness, languages, cultures around the world....


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The KéKAY Method was the brainchild of two friends, Gary Kikaya (a two time Olympic athlete and an NCAA champion) as well as Alétia Ferreira (an entrepreneur and dancer). They came up with the concept of teaching young children about the basics of movement that include learning about the world around them as well as the concept of an international point of view.

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45-Minute KéKAY Basics

Offered for 2-3.5yrs and 3.5-5yrs. This is a 45-minute class where pre-school aged children will learn about mindfulness, languages, cultures around the world, letters, numbers, shapes and colors, music and composers, balance and stretching exercises and the beginnings of dance and sports movement.

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2.5Hr Drop-Off KéKAY Workshop

Offered for 3-5yrs. In this 2.5hr workshop, parents will drop off their child at our facility so they can go run some errands or go sit quietly alone and breathe deeply. In this longer session we expand on all of the elements that are taught in the 45-minute class.

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Meet Olympic Athlete Gary Kikaya

Gary Kikaya was born in the Congo and moved to South Africa when he was 10 yrs old. He moved to the US when he was 19yrs old and became a track star for the University of Tenessee and subsequently ran in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. Gary's positive attitude towards everything he embraces in his life has helped him soar to the world stage in athletics and was sponsored by Nike for his achievements. Awards/Achievements:

  • Olympic Semi-Finalist, Beijing China 2008
  • Ranked top 10 in the world in 400m by International Athletic Amateur Federation
  • Ranked 2nd in the world in 400m by IAAF, 2006
  • African Champion, Mauritius 2006 African Record Holder 400m, 2006
  • Olympic Semi-Finalist 400m, Anthens, Greece 2004
  • Bronze Medalist 2004 World Indoor Champs, 2004
  • World Cup Silver Medalist, 2004
  • NCAA Champion 2003 Indoor Champion, 2003
  • NCAA Champion 2002 Outdoor Champion, 2002

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The goal for the KéKAY Method is to expose young children to a multi-platform of disciplines while teaching them about other cultures and languages around the world. In this program, children will learn about pre-school concepts like letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. They will learn about movement basics in the fields of dance, sports, and athletics. Mindfulness talking points, as well as balance and stretching, will be part of each class.

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International Team of Experts


Gary Kikaya

Co-creator, Olympic athlete


Alétia Ferreira

Program Creator, Entrepreneur and dancer


Caroline Altman

Global mindfulness-awareness coach


Samantha Hepting

Co-owner, Nursing, Obstetrics and Pediatrics


Erica Boresh

Exercise Science and fitness coach


Machiko Saegusa Cole

Professional Pianist and music teacher


Beth Spransy Dickinson

Preschool Director, Elementary Education


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