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Connection and co-regulation - Meet the KéKAY Method 

The joy of learning occurs effortlessly when it's intertwined with fun experiences. Our educational philosophy embraces a holistic approach that extends beyond the classroom, enabling our students to integrate knowledge with real-life applications. With empathy and conflict resolution at the forefront of our teaching practices, we foster an environment that encourages global inclusivity, infused with a blend of music and movement.


By inviting questions and facilitating exploration, we empower our students to broaden their understanding of themselves and others, nurturing a sense of curiosity and empathy. Our teachers are experts in becoming co-regulators and creating a platform of connection so that learning important skills and social engagement is effortless.

Why the KéKAY Method receives

Our method encompasses the comprehensive development of the child, centering on effective communication and conflict resolution. Through our approach, students acquire the ability to identify and comprehend their emotions, recognizing the direct influence their responses have on the outcome of their interactions with adults and peers.


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The Himelrights

Our boys love going to KeKAY! I have a 2 year old and 4 year old both in the class and they have both made friends and are learning so much. They always come home excited to tell us what fun things they did that day. I love that they learn through movement and help encourage independence on our kids. I can’t say enough good things about the director and all the staff too. They truly love the kids and it shows!

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The Perks

An amazing preschool alternative! My son is absolutely loving his time at KéKAY and begs to go every morning! The teachers are warm and kind and you can tell they really care about each child and give them the attention and love they need!


Ari Hellwig

My 2yo loves it here! He is always so excited to go see his friends and teachers each morning. Having the peace of mind that he is happy and cared for and being taught so well is priceless! The movement and play within the program has been so phenomenal for his development, in a few short months we have seen him progress so far socially and academically. This is by far one of the best preschools in Raleigh.


Gina Jankowski

I can’t say enough good things about the teachers, the material and the experience overall! My grandson has thrived in this environment and he’s learning all of the preparatory requirements for Kindergarten. Also, the children learn so much about culture, the arts and simple human kindness to all. We wouldn’t go anywhere else but here!

Gina Uhlenbrauck

Wonderful experience. The teachers are so kind and welcoming. My child has been growing in independence and having fun every day. Great communication and ability to work with students who are still developing socially and emotionally. Highly recommend!

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Our program is hosted in multiple cities across the US

Click FIND LOCATION to find all the studios that host the KéKAY Method. Once you find the location that best suits you, contact the studio for enrollment information. If you are a studio who would like to host the KéKAY Method, please contact us for more information

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The KéKAY Method offers a preschool curriculum for the entire school year calendar. 

Our elementary after-school program is available to charter and elementary schools. We also offer Summer camp programs.

You can sign up for the KéKAY Method classes and camps through your local studio.

Learn more by clicking below or to find your local studio, click on LOCATIONS in the menu.

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A team of experts created the KéKAY Method where movement is the basis of learning

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Our contributors are from

the US, Japan, The Congo,

South Africa, and Canada.

We cover mindfulness,

sports, dance, music,

preschool education, and

global awareness.


Languages are introduced in our program as well as

emotional intelligence and


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Become a
KéKAY Kid 

Our vision is to teach children how to communicate and understand their own behavior within the context of societal and educational rules. 

We believe that teaching self-regulating skills at a young age can change the trajectory of a child's ultimate path and ensure positive interactions throughout their lifetime.

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