Gary Kikaya

Gary Kikaya was born in the Congo and moved to South Africa when he was 10 years old. He moved to the U.S. when he was 19 years old and became a track star at the University of Tennessee and subsequently ran in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. Gary's positive attitude towards everything he embraces in his life has helped him soar to the world stage in athletics and he was sponsored by Nike for his achievements.

  • Olympic Semi-Finalist, Beijing China 2008

  • Ranked Top 10 in the world in 400m by International Athletic Amateur Federation

  • Ranked 2nd in the world in 400m by IAAF, 2006

  • African Champion, Mauritius 2006

  • African Record Holder 400m, 2006

  • Olympic Semi-Finalist 400m, Athens, Greece 2004

  • Bronze Medalist 2004 World Indoor Champs, 2004

  • World Cup Silver Medalist, 2004

  • NCAA Champion 2003 Indoor Champion, 2003

  • NCAA Champion 2002 Outdoor Champion, 2002

During all of Gary's travels around the world, he has met people from a multitude of countries and cultures and he speaks 5 languages. He is passionate about learning and living his best and healthy life. Gary worked as head sprint coach at the Durham Academy in North Carolina and now is so excited to be sharing his wealth of knowledge about sports and mindfulness with the youth of the world.