About Us

The KéKAY Method was the brainchild of two friends, Gary Kikaya (a two time Olympic athlete and an NCAA champion) as well as Alétia Ferreira (an entrepreneur and dancer). They came up with the concept of teaching young children about the basics of movement that include learning about the world around them as well as the concept of an international point of view. Both Gary and Alétia were born and raised in different parts of Africa. Gary has traveled the world and speaks 5 languages.

Research shows that when children are engaged in physical activity, they are open to receiving a wide variety of learning opportunities. Gary and Alétia partnered with experts in each of the fields that are offered in the program and each expert holds either a Master's degree in their field, owns their own business or have performed professionally.

The goal for the KéKAY Method is to expose young children to a multi-platform of disciplines while teaching about cultures and languages around the world. In this program, children will learn about pre-school concepts like letters, numbers, colors, and shapes. They will learn about movement basics in the fields of dance, sports, and athletics. Mindfulness talking points, as well as balance and stretching, will be part of each class. Each week the children will be introduced to a new composer and they will "find" where our friend, Gary is visiting in the world. This program serves as a teaching method to all early learners, whether it is a dance school, a sports program, an introduction to athletics, music or pre-school basics and it serves as a foundational springboard for youngsters to confidently choose the next level from what they have learned here with the KéKAY Method.

Our team came together from five different countries: The Congo, South Africa, USA, Canada, and Japan. We believe that knowledge is power and that exposing children to early learning will give them the power to be smarter and more productive human beings.